Stars of Eternity

V-Ger – Stars of Eternity – Complete Edition

Here is my first mini-novel, a fictional narrative illustrated by images generated by Artificial Intelligence using NightCafé, and whose text will take you to the furthest reaches of time and space.

Share in the Quest and wanderings of Azarion, Urul, Soptekh, Blanche, Katarina, and Saul across different epochs and places, their unique encounters, and their inexorable fates.

There are several possible endings. You can choose to read only the epilogue, only the alternative epilogue, or combine both in whichever way you please 🙂

Allow yourself to drift into reverie for a few moments as you become acquainted with the stories I am about to recount to you…

(Click on Images to access selected chapter)

Chapter 1: From Archid to Galimede

Chapter 2 : The Space between Worlds

Chapter 3 : The Continental City Between Oceans

Chapter 4 : Heliopolis

Chapter 5 : The Commandery

Chapter 6 : The Scarlet Sisters

Chapter 7 : Cortex

Epilogue : The Light at the End of the Tunnel & The Awakening of Consciousness

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